We Lost Our Spots! (Free Giraffe Printable!)

EEK – We lost our spots! A strong wind blew through the zoo and took the giraffe spots with it! Can you help the animals find what they’re missing?

This is the easiest activity when it comes to making polka dots and it involves something so simple – bubble wrap! What little kid doesn’t like to poke, pop, and feel different textures? I know even into my college days if bubble wrap was around, I was popping it.

We Lost Our Spots!

We think it’s really important to talk to your toddlers (please believe me when I say they do actually understand you – even if they can’t communicate back yet) which is why so many of our activities leave opportunity for conversation and open dialogue. With this lesson, we hope you can find a few ways to teach your little one about giraffes, shapes, textures, and more! Plus, when they’re finished, you’ll have the cutest piece of artwork that you can keep coming back to in conversations – for example, move your artwork around the house and ask your toddler to find the giraffe or if it’s age appropriate start counting all the spots!

We Lost Our Spots!

You’ll Need:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Black, Brown, or Orange Paint
  • A Rolling Pin
  • Some Tape
  • Our Giraffe Printable (click link below to print yours – free!)

DIY and Dinosaurs FREE GIRAFFE Printable

This activity is really self-explanatory – you can probably see where I’m going with this just by the cover photo…haha! But just in case you would like a little tutorial, we have laid out some instructions for you as well:

First, you will want to print out our free giraffe printable! If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to draw a giraffe on some paper. Not the artsy type? No biggie! Find a giraffe coloring book page that you can trace – sans spots.

Next, you will tape one side of your bubble wrap to the rolling-pin – bubbly side out – and begin wrapping it around the wheel of the pin. Once you’ve covered it, tape the other end down! Nothing too complicated so far! 🙂

Then, use a paintbrush or your hands to smear some paint on your bubble wrap. This keeps it from sinking way into the cracks and allows your finished painting to actually have spots. If your little one is old enough, they can do this themselves…but I didn’t trust my toddler to get the job done so I helped him out with this step.

We Lost Our Spots!

Finally the time has come to let your little one go to town! Teach them how to roll the pin and watch them in amazement as their giraffe comes back to life.

We Lost Our Spots!

We got the cutest finished product and cleanup was a breeze (which is always awesome). Plus, this was a new texture that we hadn’t explored so it was fun to pop and poke the bubble wrap once we were done.

We Lost Our Spots!

Before getting started with this project, we used the same giraffe printable for another activity AND we paired it with an easy snack-time. Want to see what we did? Check it out our giraffe themed snack activity here.

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