The Best Quick Workout for a New Mommy (with pictures!)


Ugh. If you’re anything like me, you’re not in love with the idea of working out. After a long day at work, you come home only to make dinner and play with your child(ren) all of which leaves you feeling like a 9:00 bedtime isn’t so insane (contrary to my pre-motherhood beliefs). The times when I have energy and my baby is napping I would so much rather be mowing, scrubbing the kitchen floor Cinderella style, or pulling my fingernails off with tweezers than working out. I am by no means lazy, but I could write novels on the things I would prefer to do over a boring exercise regimen.

However, I look at my body in the mirror and I know that as summer rapidly approaches I have a choice to make..I will either be enjoying a swimsuit season of fun activities or a swimsuit season of self-consciousness and shame.

Post Baby Body
Taken 6 weeks postpartum

While some might tell me I’ve “bounced back,” I still feel insecure – my postpartum body is not the body I am used to seeing in the mirror. Six months out I am fortunate enough to have lost the baby weight (I give credit to breastfeeding and calorie consciousness) but not the extra skin. In my clothing I look fine – skinny even (for a new mom). But, I have dimples and wrinkles all over my thighs (yes, even the front) and by buns. My breasts are flat and saggy. My tummy reflects how amazing I am to have carried a child yet society tells me to be ashamed of my stretch marks (or, warrior wounds as I call them) and honestly, I am. Did I mention that extra skin? I look at this picture from four months ago and I want to cry. I feel so soft, so lumpy, so undesirable.

I had my baby in October and was SO ready to be active again at about 5-6 weeks postpartum. My body was singing anthems about how great it was to be rid of the added weight and past the soreness of birth. I found something I thought would be great for my lifestyle, but two weeks in I had gotten busy with holiday mumbo-jumbo and fell off the tracks. So I had to find an easier routine to stick with. One with no excuses.

  1. I could go to a gym (that had child care) every night…but that was expensive and tough to do with my work schedule/his bedtime routine. No to that option.
  2. I could take the stroller out and jog around town on my lunch break…but the weather is not always permitting and I need a no-excuses routine. Also, I despise running. Passing on this one.
  3. I could buy exercise equipment to use at my apartment…but that is a hefty expense and I’d have nowhere to put the damn thing. It would probably serve as a blanket rack and dust collector, honestly. Yet another no here.
  4. Finally, I could work out via video in my living room – no equipment needed. Ding ding ding! This was the best option for me.

Years ago I was obsessed with Jillian Michaels’ workout DVDs, I literally own them all. She was great and her workouts were no joke but I no longer have 40-45 minutes to spare each day (I could probably make the time but 45 minutes just seems daunting). I need something that I can do during a bad TV show, that will give me serious results and oh yeah, no equipment needed. Lucky for me there is a fairly new workout, T25, and guess what? I bought it. I promise I am not being bribed, compensated, or paid to do this workout. I am strictly working towards becoming one hot mom in a short amount of time (after all, I have a husband to find)! 🙂

Aside from realizing that I am really good at making excuses, I hope you find encouragement and that if a single mom who HATES working out (and hasn’t in years) can do this, you can too. My journey starts tomorrow. See you then!

Postpartum 4.5 Weeks:
Chest: 37
Waist: 30.5
Booty: 41

Postpartum 6 Months (Today):
Weight: 153
Chest: 33.5 (no longer breastfeeding)
Waist: 28
Booty: 40

P.S. I REALLY recommend taking before photos from each side, the front, and back. Even if nobody else in the world sees them, when you get to the finish line you will be able to look back see your progress. You’ll be glad you have them! I have so much faith in this program that I can almost guarantee you will see an improvement – especially if you continue to take photos throughout the process. Whenever you feel like you are wasting your time, take photos and look at your progress side by side. It helps. I will be taking photos at the end of each phase as well.

As embarrassing as it is to show my post baby body (above), I had to do it to remind myself of the progress I’ve made and inspire you to start your own journey!

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