The Alphabet Animals Book: 52 Handprint/Footprint Ideas

Please Note: This is a work in progress. Updates will happen weekly, keep checking back!

As you know, I am really into making things to teach G about the ways of the world! I love to craft and the time I put into these projects makes me feel like I am investing time into my child’s education rather than just money. Don’t get me wrong, we love books and learning toys, too – sometimes they’re just better than anything I could make – but if the right opportunity presents itself to craft, I will jump all over it!

I have seen a ton of handprint/footprint crafts out there and think they are adorable! However, I don’t like the idea that after these pictures hang on your wall for a while they are put in a drawer and forgotten about for the next few years. So, I decided to create something out of them. My little one LOVES animals so the answer was pretty obvious to me..I would make a hand/footprint book that taught him the alphabet through animals!


  • Work on a surface that can easily be cleaned like a table and kitchen floor, a highchair and dropcloth, the front driveway/back porch, etc.
  • Finger paints
  • Construction paper
  • Colored pencils, Markers, Crayons
  • Paper towels for clean up and wipe down of hands/feet
  • Clear sheet protectors and a binder OR you can laminate your pages and bind with book rings

I didn’t think it was necessary to write instructions for each Alphabet Animal that we made because the pictures seem to speak for themselves! Feel free to get creative by adding cotton ball clouds, easter grass yards, pipe cleaner antennas, etc. There are a couple of ways to finalize your book. Option 1: You can put each page in clear sheet protectors and stick them in a binder. Option 2: You can laminate each page (search your area for laminating services to have them professionally done, or, look for laminate paper – a DIY option) and bind with book rings. With this option I would recommend using hole-punch reinforcement stickers as well.

The final product can be anything you want. Why not write the name of the animal/insect/sea creature/etc. on each page? Try it on the front (or the back of the page next to it). Try it on the back of each picture. Can you create a matching game for your little one? The options are endless so get creative and have fun! As always, don’t forget to share your ideas with us below by emailing or commenting on the post.

Green Alligator - Hand and Footprint
(A) – Alligator
Footprint Bee
(B) – Bee with Marker
Red Week - Crab
(C) – Crab on Construction Paper
Footprint Duck
(D) – Duck w/ Watercolor and Tissue Paper
Teaching Toddlers: Blue Week
(E) – Elephant with Watercolor
(F) – Fox on Construction Paper with Watercolor
(G) – Goldfish on Construction Paper w/ Watercolors
Red Week - Ladybug
(L) -Ladybug with Crayon
Teaching Toddlers: Blue Week
(O) – Octopus w/ Colored Pencil
Green Toad - Footprint
(T) – Toad w/ Watercolor



Teaching Toddlers: Blue Week
(W) – Whale






























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