Teaching Toddlers: Red Week (for Kiddos 15+ Months)

I have come back from the New Year eager to teach my little guy all about colors, shapes, animals, etc. We have been working on these things for a while – a casual ‘this is an elephant, he trumpets like this..,’ ‘this ball is red,’ etc. – but because he spends all day at home with me while I work at my full-time job, I wanted to make sure he was getting something out of it. Besides, I love to craft and work on projects so it’s a lot of fun for me as well!Teaching Toddlers: Red Week (for Kiddos 15+ Months)

To kick off my Teaching Toddlers series, we are starting with the six colors of the rainbow.  My goal for each week is to immerse my kiddo in all things having to do with that color. Books. Shows. Songs. Toys. Crafts. Foods. Outfits. Everything! I’ve organized a schedule of things to do for each day of the week so you don’t have to spend hours researching and planning, I’ve added some book and tv show suggestions, and I’ve included photos/links to all of our craft tutorials. Be sure to check out each of my color week posts for new projects and tips!

G is currently 15 months, a little younger than the suggested age (18 months) for toddlers to learn their colors, but I figure it can’t hurt to get a little hands on. Because he is still at the age of exploring senses, it’s very important to me to incorporate that into his learning (gotta make it fun!) so we really worked with different textures this week.

Lesson Plans:


  • Introduce Felt Board and a few red items – this had a huge impact on our color week and was so fun to create! See more about the red objects we made below..
  • Red Color Jar: Random odds and ends seem to keep his little hands busy, especially when he hasn’t seen them in a while! Click the link to see a few of my go-to objects and other tips for creating your own.
  • Finger paint with red: I bought him some paint but if you would rather make your own, Creative Parties Games and Activities has a ton of great finger paint recipes!
  • Colored on our chalkboard place mat (with red chalk): we wrote our name, the word “Red”, drew shapes, and scribbled!
  • Button Book – Red Page: Such an inexpensive and easy to make quiet book that we are obsessed with.

Red Week - FPaint

Red Week - Crab

Red Week - Color Bin

Red Week - Chalk

  • Added red objects to felt board and reviewed the ones from yesterday.
  • Handprint Crab and Handprint Ladybug Craft: We are compiling a whole book of hand/footprint animals for our alphabet book over the next few weeks. Our alphabet book craft-page will continue to get updated so be sure to check back!
  • Colored with chalk (Did we just do that? Yes, but it was a lot of fun!)


  • Added red objects to felt board and reviewed the ones from earlier this week.
  • Played with a paint-bag – G loved to shake and squish this around so be sure to use a double zip baggie (best to tape or glue shut) and avoid your carpet! I did use washable paint in case there was an accident, which there wasn’t – hallelujah!
  • Played with red alphabet magnets
  • Toddler Tube Drop

Red Week - Ladybug

Red Week - Apple

Button Book - Red

Red Week - Color Tube


  • Added red objects to felt board and reviewed the ones from earlier this week (Notice a theme? This is our morning ritual because it’s a great way to learn new objects and – drumroll, please – review the color!)
  • Paper Plate Apple: We tore lots of red construction/tissue paper for this craft – it was so much fun for G! This adorable craft is the easiest thing ever. Seriously. Check out the link for instructions and bonus ideas!


  • Added red objects to felt board and reviewed the ones from earlier this week.
  • Fabric Ring: This is a great item that he carried everywhere, hooked on everything, and played with all day.
  • Box of Noodles Sensory Bin + Hunt: This activity can be transformed for kids of any age and it’s dirt cheap!


Red Week - Felt

Red Week - Felt

Felt Board:
As you can see, the first thing we did each morning was play with our felt board! G loved to pull the objects off the board and put them back on while we talked about them. I was sure mix it up throughout the week by saying “this is a red crab” and “this crab is red” to help him distinguish that red was a color not an object. Here is a list of felt items that we made for red week:

  • Cherries
  • Strawberry
  • Santa
  • Tomato + Tomato Slice
  • Tulip
  • Red Balloon
  • Apple
  • Bacon
  • Fire Truck
  • Heart
  • Red Shirt
  • Spaghetti with Red Meatballs
  • Barn
  • Red Car
  • Ladybug
  • Crab

Book Suggestions:

If you don’t want to buy a new book or can’t find it at your library, check out Youtube – they have some great recordings of book readings! Note: while we don’t watch a lot of TV, it’s unrealistic in our house to never have it on. Having said that, I do my best to make it educational and limit the amount of TV that is on each day. There are some excellent color videos on Youtube and some great children’s apps on my Roku Stick that teach tots about the color red.

What other ideas do you have for teaching your little one about Red? Do you have any favorite books or shows? Any crafts or activities that your tot loved? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below! As always, don’t forget to follow us on instagram: DIYandDinosaurs for action shots of our favorite projects and activities!

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