Teaching Toddlers: Purple Week (for Kiddos 15+ Months)

This is our last week of learning about solid colors! The only thing left to explore from here is a week filled with rainbows and recaps. Our Teaching Toddlers: Purple Week is packed full of sensory activities, art projects, crafts, and other great learning tools like books and felt boards. All in all, we have 15+ ways to incorporate purple into your child’s life this week!

Purple Week

Activities/playthings to give your kiddo throughout the week:

Purple Week

Purple Week

Purple WeekMonday:

  • Each week begins by putting a few items on the felt board (see more below) while we talk about their purpose and reiterate their color!

  • Give your little one an object from the activities list above.
  • Sticker Play: This is a great activity for those fine motor skills. Just grab your purple stickers and have your little one place them on a purple piece of paper. We did this for yellow week and my toddler needed a good amount of help, this week he was totally independent!


  • Add a few items to your felt board and review purple/play!
  • Give your little one an object from the activities list above.
  • Make a Coloring Sheet: I used a marker on some white paper to draw grapes, a hippo, and a butterfly as well as write the word purple…then little G went to town with purple crayons and colored pencils! Of course you can rip out a coloring book page as well.

Purple Stickers  Purple Week Purple WeekWednesday:

  • Add a few items to your felt board and review/play! The older we get the more we talk about our objects and how they relate to books, things around the house, and/or toys. G loves the comparisons!
  • Give your little one an object from the activities list above.
  • Add to your hand and footprint book- This week we made a lot with our finger-paints and art supplies. A hippo, a jellyfish, a snail, and we finished the peacock we’ve been working on since green week.


  • Add a few items to your felt board and review/play!
  • Give your little one an object from the activities list above.
  • Purple Sensory Bottle: It’s just like the oil bottles you remember from elementary but with added purple objects! Kids are totally mesmerized.

Purple Week

Purple Week

Purple Week Friday: Review Day!

  • Recap all the rainbow colors by playing with a collection of the past objects on your felt board. We picked out only animals, then only foods, then our other objects and played with our board for a long time.
  • Sort straws like last Friday but this time you can quiz your kiddo on the whole thing!
  • Get out all of your color jars and have your little one sort the colors between containers
  • Encourage lots of play with your toddler tube drop – can they put the colors in rainbow order? Can they match the correct tube to the correct bucket? (This is where that velcro tube comes in handy!)
  • Lay out two of the same objects in different colors (like two pom-poms) and ask your toddler to pick which one is (your color choice here).

Purple Felt

Felt Board: Does your kiddo love this activity as much as mine? I can ask G if he want’s to play with his felt board and he practically trips over himself running to it. I cannot express how cheap and great this activity is to teach your little ones about EVERYTHING. It takes a little time to prepare but without it I’d be lost – we miss it on the weekends!

  • Bunch of Grapes
  • Purple Balloon
  • Purple Butterfly
  • Patch of Violets
  • Button
  • Big Purple Flower
  • Hippo
  • Popsicle
  • Jellyfish
  • Snail
  • Purple Square
  • Purple Spider
  • Eggplant
  • Purple Cupcake
  • Barney

Book Suggestions:

Tip of the Week:
How many colors can your toddler name? If you tell them a color can they find a shirt in their drawer that matches? When you go grocery shopping can they help you pick out six colorful food items?

That’s it! You can choose to do a recap rainbow week like we did or move on to another activity on our blog! Either way, your toddler should have a great sense for colors and you should have a collection of arts and crafts that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and follow us on instagram:DIYandDinosaurs for action shots of our favorite projects and activities!

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