Teaching Toddlers: Orange Week (for Kiddos 15+ Months)


Last week was a blast! We exposed ourselves to all kinds of red through arts and crafts, activities, clothing, books, etc. This week I planned even more fun stuff for us and I can’t wait to share it. Are you ready?!

Throughout each day of the week I gave my little one a new homemade toy/activity to explore.

Here’s the DIY list:

Pull tube

Button Book - Orange

Orange Week - Noodle Bin

Lesson Plans:


  • Introduce Felt Board and a few orange items – this had a huge impact on our color week and was so fun to create! See more about the orange stuff we made below..
  • Color on the Chalkboard Place Mat (with orange chalk): We scribbled, traced our hands, and drove trucks through it all!
  • Orange Color Jar: Random odds and ends seem to keep their little hands busy, especially when they haven’t seen them in a while! Check out the color jar page for a few tips on creating your own.
  • Give your little one an item from the DIY List above!
  • Finger Paint with Orange: I bought him some paint but if you would rather make your own, Creative Parties Games and Activities has a ton of great finger paint recipes!


Orange Week - Chalk


  • Add orange objects to felt board and review the ones from yesterday.
  • Give your little one an item from the DIY List above!
  • Orange Jello-Feels: I made orange jello and let G go to town! We ate some, smelled it, and played until it melted. This could’ve gone on for hours – it was such a hit!
  • Take an Orange Bath: I threw on a bathing suit and joined him for bath time. Yikes! We had finger paints, bubbles, and lots of fun toys – not to mention it cleaned off the jello nicely!

Orange Week - Jello




  • Add orange objects to felt board and review the ones from earlier this week (Notice a theme? This is our morning ritual because it’s a great way to learn new objects and – drumroll, please – review the color!)
  • Give your little one the last item from the DIY List above!
  • Orange Food Day!: At snack time we had goldfish and watered down OJ. Our dinner menu consisted of Oriental orange chicken with rice, our extra orange jello, and sweet potato fries. Kind of an odd variety, I must admit, but we were using up what we had in the kitchen!

Friday: Review Day!

  • Put red and orange objects on the felt board and play around!
  • Practice sorting red items onto the red paper and orange items onto the orange paper. We actually used the pages in our fabric button book to do this – who knew it served so many purposes?
  • Continue sorting and talking about colors with the toddler tube drop and straw sorting activity.
  • Water Painting: I taped a red and orange sheet of construction paper to the table and gave G some wet sponges/tools to water-paint with. He loved to watch the paper change colors and see the patterns he made!
  • Mess Free Paint Bag: We did this during Red Week but decided to mix our colors this time.


Orange Week - Felt Board

Felt Board:
The first thing we do each morning is play with our felt board. On Monday we start with about 5 objects and each day we add a few more until our board is full on Friday! As my little one pulls the objects off the board and puts them back on, I explain color to him in a couple of different ways so he learns to distinguish orange as a color, not an object. Ex: “this is an orange fish” and “this fish is orange.”  Here’s a list of felt items that we made for orange week:

  • Basketball
  • Orange Juice
  • Orange Slice
  • Safety Cone
  • Pumpkin
  • Orange Guitar
  • Orange Leaf
  • Orange Clown Fish
  • Orange Rectangle
  • Orange Feather
  • Tiger
  • Cantaloupe Slice
  • Orange Balloon
  • Fox
  • Starfish + Sanddollar
  • Carrot
  • Monarch Butterfly

Book Suggestions:

Saturate your child in orange this week! Wear orange, eat orange, play with orange, craft with orange, search for orange, bathe in orange, watch orange, read orange, etc. – the possibilities never end!

What other ideas do you have for teaching your little one about orange? Do you have any favorite books or shows? Any crafts or activities that your tot loved? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below! As always, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and follow us on instagram: DIYandDinosaurs for action shots of our favorite projects and activities!

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