Teaching Toddlers: Face and Body Parts (One Year +) (DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE)

Little G is just shy of 17 months and starting to retain EVERYTHING. He’s been able to point out his toes and ears when asked for a while now so I figured it was time to teach him some more body parts. This week’s lesson focuses on naming body parts, singing songs, and getting familiar with ourselves in the mirror.

Teaching Toddlers: Face and body Parts 12 Months +

During color week I planned out a Monday through Friday lineup of activities, games, and crafts to teach our toddlers but this week we we’re switching things up by giving you all of our activities and projects for you to do when the time is right. By the end of the week, G was able to find his ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, nose, hands, feet, toes, and tummy! The best way to learn is through play – so let’s get learning. 🙂


Point to body parts while singing the ‘head, shoulders, knees, and toes’ song

Magnetic Face Puzzle: Let your kids match the puzzle pieces to their real face!

Magnetic Face Puzzle

Lego Faces: A great way to practice where features are on your toddler’s face

Lego Faces

Life Sized Poster: This was a great tool for G to use when asked where other people’s features were

Body and Face

Body Dice: This game idea was adopted from a matching activity by Getting Messy with Ms. Jessi. Instead of pairing up the body parts on two dice we just used one dice and pointed to the correct body part on ourselves, a photo, or one another!

Mirror Exploration: Let your little one explore their own faces in the mirror! Point out their features to them as they watch you do it

Felt Puzzles: G had a great time putting his face puzzles together and grabbing the right feature when asked – get your kids started on this interactive quiet puzzle with

Felt Faces

Nap Tracing: This was such a cute activity that marked my toddler’s sleep patterns and turned into a work of art!

Doll Play: We grabbed our Woody doll and worked on identifying body parts all week

Body and Face

Snack Time Game: Not only can you lay out your snack in the shape of a face but you can quiz your little one about their body and then ‘reward’ them with a treat! For example: “Can you cover your ears?” might get them a couple of raisins, “Point to Mommy’s eyes” might get them a banana slice, and “”Clap your hands” might get them some cheese! The whole idea is to keep learning fun.

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  1. Interesting & gonna to teach to my nephew.. i also seen one of the app quickly to identify the different parts of the human body.

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