T25 Workout – Week 9

Week 9 T25

Day 41: Ript Circuit
Pushed myself with heavier weights for some of it and tried really hard to keep up with their pace. Especially between transitions (floor to standing)…I didn’t dawdle. But, I am really ready for new workouts – getting pretty bored.

Day 42: Dynamic Core
This one is another favorite. I always think I am getting stronger (which I am) but my body has no choice but to really engage so its always just as strenuous. My middle is WAY smaller though! Whoop whoop!

Day 43: Core Cardio
Never a bad workout, never a good one. The routine just isn’t my favorite – especially the part where we do “calf-touch-lunge-jump” progressions. Ready for Gamma! I desperately want a new set of workouts.

Day 44: Dynamic Core
I really didn’t want to work out today and I considered skipping it to be honest. I’m just feeling a little worn-out and bored (I know, I’ve said that a dozen times) with T25. But I looked at the calendar and realized it was abs! We all know I like abs. Totally glad I did it – and I like both of tomorrows workouts, too! What a great way to end the week.

Day 45: Speed 2.0 and Upper Focus
Is anyone else finding their booty-clap with Speed 2.0? I swear it cheers me on every time.. Anyways, I ended up doing 3 workouts yesterday (these 2 plus yesterdays) because I knew today would be busy – yikes! My body is so SO sore! Last night I felt really fatigued and I knew I’d be sore but i’m feeling it especially in my mid-upper back. Yay for strength, boo for a sore body. Happy weekend, folks!

P.S. When you can predict what Shawn T will say because its ingrained in your memory, you know its time for a new phase. ONE MORE WEEK!

Weight: 146.3
Chest: 33
Waist: 26
Arm: 10.5
Thigh: 22
Buns: 38.5
Hips: 34

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