T25 Workout – Week 8

Week 8 T25

Day 36: Core Cardio
I was not feeling it today. Super tired! But I did it and did it well. Glad to have it under my belt, honestly. Remember the 21 day habit/rule? It clearly works. My minds telling me no but my body is telling me yes!

Day 37: Upper Focus
I used my 10 lbs a little more today and added 3 lbs for punches/things that didn’t require weights. Feeling the burn!!

Day 38: Speed 2.0
Always love this one but it always takes me a few minutes to get into it.

Day 39: Rip’t Circuit
Feeling totally unmotivated and slightly discouraged that I haven’t seen dramatic results (like I was the first few weeks). Gotta keep telling myself that all of this does help and I’ll look better for it – keep this up and next summer I’ll be more than just a baby-mama, I’ll be a babe!

Day 40: Dynamic Core and Speed 2.0
I really struggled to find motivation/energy today. In fact, I procrastinated. Hard. It kept weighting on me that I needed to do the workouts and thankfully I did them. These honestly are two of my favorites and I wanted to end with a bang so I did Speed 2.0 last. Dynamic Core: We turned our AC on this week so I wasn’t nearly as sweaty which was weird – but I have never done this workout so well! #nailedit! Speed 2.0: HOLY HELL. My abs hurt this whole entire routine. A whole other workout when you do Dynamic Core first! Yikes!

Weight: 145.6
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Arm: 10.5
Thigh: 22
Buns: 38.5
Hips: 34

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