T25 Workout – Week 6 (with pictures!)

Week 6 T25
Here we go Beta, here we go! Clap, clap. Are you as pumped for this week as I am? Not only am I super excited to see what these new workouts consist of but my progress is visible and I can feel my strength increasing which is encouraging!

Like I’ve mentioned in the past, I haven’t been following a strict diet or meal plan. But, with a new phase comes a new plan. I am totally ramping up the protein during Beta and keeping the calorie intake low. I don’t have a strict regimen but the high protein foods, the snacks, and the tricks I have for you can be found here.

To remind you of my progress so far, I have included a couple of photos. The more detailed images from every angle can be viewed in last weeks post!

Week 6 UpdateWeek 6 Update 2

Day 26: Core Cardio
Not bad! Definitely a step up and harder to keep up with (speed-wise) but I am so excited to be doing something other than high knees! This new routine was fun and a welcome change – I rocked it today.

Day 27: Speed 2.0
You guys…I really liked this one! It took me a couple of minutes to get into it but then it was so much fun. I loved the way he cycled through the workout at different speeds rather than the burn-out round and whew! what a sweat! It was too fast for me at times so I just went as fast as I could.

Day 28: Rip’t Circuit
This one has its tough parts but is a great workout. I have two sets of weights (a 3LB and a 10LB) and if I wan’t feeling the burn from the 3LBs I would pair them up on one side to make a 6LB weight, or, I would use my 10s. This one took mind over matter for me because it was very physical! I now have my before photo sitting by my TV so I can remind myself why I am doing this when I just want to quit.

Day 29: Dynamic Core
We’ve done this before (or at least I have since losing Alpha Abs). Today seemed incredibly easy for me – maybe I am getting stronger? Pshh – of course I am. And you are, too!

Day 30: Upper Focus and Core Cardio
Don’t you just hate two-a-day Fridays? Me too. But, I loved upper focus! I, again, used the two different weights and I felt very controlled during this workout. It was a nice break from the cardio/speed workouts and it lets you focus without dropping dead at the end. Core cardio is always a good one, I still was struggling to keep up with their speed but I ended the workout dripping with sweat. What a great feeling!

Weight: 147.5
Chest: 33.5
Waist: 26.5
Arm: 10.75
Thigh: 22.75
Buns: 38.5
Hips: 34

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