T25 Workout – Week 5 (with pictures!)

Week 5 T25

This is the last week of the Alpha Phase! At the end of this week I will take photos to compare with week one (update: see below). Keeping in mind that I did not follow the T25 diet program. Instead, I just watched what I ate, drank a lot of liquids, eliminated sugars almost entirely, and tried to consume more vegetables than anything else. That being said, I do wish I would have eaten more protein – I slacked there.

Day 21: Total Body Circuit
First of all, they say that it takes 21 days to make a habit. So, if you have made it this far with me then congrats! You have officially trained your body and mind to workout routinely. Believe it or not, at this point something inside of you will begin to take over and tell you to workout – even if you don’t want to. It’s kind of great.

In honor of the last week of the Alpha Phase, I pretended that this was the last ever Total Body Circuit workout! Okay, I thought it actually was the very last one but then I glimpsed at this weeks schedule in more detail and realized I have this one to a few more times yet. Anyways, I killed it! I will do my best to do the rest of this week with the same kind of drive, after all, it won’t be getting easier in Beta!

Day 22: Ab Intervals (Beta Phase)
Am I killing it this week or what? #StrongandDriven!

Day 23: Total Body Circuit
Wow. Sore shoulders and arms! Today wasn’t a bad workout for me, but not as impressive as Monday or Tuesday’s workout. I’m really getting tired of doing high knees all the timeBORING! P.S. Today was my birthday and I didn’t give myself a workout break. Could I actually be enjoying this…? Yikes!

Day 24: Cardio
Cardio isn’t my favorite but at least it’s not Speed 1.0! One day left until the Alpha Phase is over – we can do this!

Day 25: Total Body Circuit + Lower Focus
With it being the very last time during this 15 week workout regimen that I have to do these two workouts, I really pushed myself to give it everything I had. And guess what? I rocked it! If you have made it this far, you’ve made it through the Alpha Phase! CONGRATULATIONS!

Weight: 148.6
Chest: 34
Waist: 27.5
Arm: 11
Thigh: 23
Buns: 39
Hips: 34

I did take pictures this week and I compared them to the photos that I took before I started. My stomach is tighter, smaller, and looking more muscular, my thighs have toned up and are also looking tighter, but not much looks to have changed with my booty. There’s a little more perk and a little less of it (the fat, I mean) where my back meets my bum but I wish I saw more of an improvement here. I guess all in all I can’t be too upset, I literally am seeing my body transform in a matter of 5 weeks and any improvement helps! Going into the Beta Phase I plan to really ramp up my protein to help me build muscle and eliminate fat. I’ll get into that more next week!
T25 End of Alpha - FrontT25 End of Alpha - L SideT25 End of Alpha - Back

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