T25 Workout – Week 3

Week 3 T25

Day 11: Total Body Circuit
MY ARMS! Those damn burpees, those damn squats, those damn lunges. The only word I can utter today is pain. Oh, and as for those push ups? I still can’t do one.

Day 12: Speed 1.0
I hate today’s burn-out round more than anything ever. It is almost half the duration of the workout! How do these people not have water breaks? They cannot be human. On another note, I think I injured my ankles/outer feet. Feels like a shin-splint (but in my feet). We will see how/if this progresses.

Day 13: Lower Focus
Shaking. Sweating. Trembling. Crying. Today was TOUGH. Focus on that goal.

Day 14: Cardio
My ankles are killing me today and Shawn T wants us to do every jump without letting our heels hit the ground. Yikes! I am wrapping my feet up tightly and pushing forward.

Day 15: Total Body Circuit + Ab Intervals (Beta Style)
YOU GUYS. I could hardly get through this! My entire body is KILLING me. That lower focus workout worked me! I am not even ashamed by my half-ass workouts today. I mean, at least I did the ab intervals really well, it’s just that Total Body Circuit that got me, not to mention my ankles are about to give out. Is this man a torture enthusiast? I’d say so.

Weight: 151.4 (Yes, it’s a bummer that I gained but I’m hoping it’s muscle – and by the definition I am seeing I’m determined to think it is.)
Chest: 34
Waist: 27.5
Arm: 11
Thigh: 23.5
Buns: 40

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