T25 Workout – Week 2 (with pictures!)

Week 2 T25

Day 6 – Cardio
Thank goodness for the weekend rest! My sore muscles are sore no more.

This workout was much easier – I had more energy and power which gave me more endurance, lower lunges/squats, higher knees, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it was still tough and there were times that I wasn’t as fast as Shawn T BUT my moves were more accurate which to me, is a success. At the end I was sure to stretch my calves and legs a little more.

Day 7 – Total Body Circuit
These glutes are sore!! Definitely focused on doing things “right” today with squat/plank form especially. After all, we are here to get stronger not to half-ass it, right?! I can’t seem to get the hang of these push ups though (I’ve never had much for upper body strength) – maybe that should slip itself into my goals..

Day 8 – Speed 1.0
Just call me Queen T(25)! I rocked this one. It was a lot to keep up with but I managed not to take more than three very quick water breaks and I pushed myself to not slack. Amazing! I feel a lot stronger than last week!

Day 9 – Cardio
I am extremely exhausted today. This week has made me feel so much stronger but I think it’s catching up to me. I managed to get through this workout but to say I was fatigued and just damn tired is an understatement. At least it was only 25 minutes and when I was done, I was done. It’s not hanging over my head that I “skipped” a day!

Day 10 – Lower Focus + Ab Intervals (Beta Phase)
Let me start with this..I lost my Alpha Ab Intervals workout so I had to do the Beta Phase and will do that from here on out. Yikes!

Okay, at the end of these two I was DYING. Those lunges? I hate them. That ab workout? I was sure my core was going to ignite into flames at any moment (and I was looking forward to it – at least I would’ve been done with Shawn T for the week)! My entire body was zombified by the end of the day. I kept up pretty well though which makes me proud. TGIF, ladies!

Photo Update: For those of you who examine before and after photos as closely as I do, you’ll see that in just two weeks of T25 there’s been some change – mostly in my upper stomach. While I was hoping to have a rock hard body already (haha!), I have to celebrate the small things. My stomach is a little smaller (aka the line under my belly button is shrinking) and my thighs are a little less dimply (most noticeably in the last frame). I know the change is pretty minor but for only two weeks of work I am not complaining!

Start T25T25 2 Wk


Weight: 149.4
Chest: 34
Waist: 27.5
Arm: 11.25
Thigh: 23.5
Booty: 40

P.S. I have not done the Sunday Stretch yet.. Not sure I will because I do extra stretches at the end of each workout and I don’t find myself “craving” the extra stretch time on Sundays.

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