T25 Workout – Week 13

Week 13 T25

Day 61: Extreme Circuit
Not so bad! After my long “holiday” break I dreaded coming back to workout – mainly because I feel like I’ve stopped seeing such dramatic results…but I am glad to be back and I know that doing something will encourage progress in some way. Besides, I am done with T25 in just two weeks! No quitting!

Day 62: The Pyramid 
This one is never as bad as I anticipate it to be – the toughest part for me is the pike pyramid with downward dog…I mean, 11 pyramids?! HOLY COW.

Day 63: Ript Circuit
Thankfully this is a Beta workout. Today, I didn’t feel as though it was that tough and I FINALLY used my 10 lb weights the whole time! Little victories, people! 🙂

Day 64: Speed 3.0
Feeling lightheaded and very fatigued. I’ll never get used to this hardcore session!

Day 65: Total Body Circuit (Alpha Phase) and Upper Focus (Beta Phase)
TBC: I keep saying I want legs to be more toned but I haven’t done this one in so long that it’s like I am starting over – these squats are killer! Really no motivation for this one – too tired! SUPER tired. Half-assed it, unfortunately. :/ Upper Focus: Whew! Using harder weights but I like this one because its a break from all of the cardio. 🙂

Weight: 143.6
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Arm: 11
Thigh: 22
Buns: 37.5
Hips: 33.5

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