T25 Workout – Week 12

Week 12 T25

Day 56: The Pyramid OR Ript Up
Ript Up: Arms are really sore from this week but I tried to use heavier weights whenever possible and lighter weights for moves that were harder or had more reps. Once again, my ass cheers me on for all of the jumping jacks we do.. Clap Clap Clap…that’s motivation right there! 😉

Day 57: Speed 3.0 OR Extreme Circuit
Extreme Circuit: My shoulders have been killing me so I took it easy today with this workout – just kind of did the bare minimum – slacked, some might say..

Day 58: Upper Focus OR Speed 2.0
Upper Focus: Conquered! Amazing how far you come in just a few weeks!

Day 59: Ript Circuit OR The Pyramid
The Pyramid: Not bad…except for those burpees…. ughh.

Day 60: Extreme Circuit & Dynamic Core (from Beta Phase) OR Ript Circuit
Dynamic Core (only): My back hurt more than it used to on this. Still pretty hard core! But maybe that’s because I did 2-a-days this whole week to prepare for vacation..

Weight: 141.8
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Arm: 10.5
Thigh: 22
Buns: 37.5
Hips: 33.5

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