T25 Workout – Week 11

Week 11 T25

Day 51: Speed 3.0
HOLY COW. BURPEE WARNING. Seriously, Shawn T?! Every other move is some variation of a burpee and you thought now would be a wise time to nix the modifier? I hardly ever use her but come on, this was brutal. Definitely did NOT nail this one.. I paused a few times.

Day 52: Ript Up
Wow – I never would’ve guessed this to be arms/upper body. I figured it would be more similar to Ript Circuit. Great workout – tried to use 10 lbs for nearly every move and did pretty well. Can feel the burn but that means results!

Day 53: Extreme Circuit
Not too bad! Set up so you do one series followed by a burnout, then a new series + burnout and so on. I felt the burn but it was controlled enough that I really focused on my muscles. Damn those burpees, though! As a side note: I used heavier weights for squats, lunges, dead-lifts, etc. because my buns are my biggest trouble zone.

Day 54: The Pyramid
This one wasn’t terrible but use light weights if you want to make it through to the end. Pyramid is all about repeating reps but adding an additional rep each time.. it gets tough! Especially, you guessed it, burpees (and push-ups)!

Day 55: Total Body Circuit (from Alpha Phase) and Speed 3.0 OR Speed 3.0
HOLY MOLY. This wasn’t any easier than Monday. Especially since my arms are still really sore from this week. Had a plan to do the most (or hardest) workout each Friday and I still plan on it. However, for the 4th of July, I’ll be out of town so instead of lugging weights around I am going to double up on workouts. That being said, today I am only doing Speed 3.0 and next Monday’s workout. Once I am back from vacation I will get back to picking the workouts that require the most, well, work.

P.S. My calves are burning this week! Its like I’m just beginning T25 again..Eeeeeek.


Weight: 143.6
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Arm: 10.5
Thigh: 22
Buns: 38
Hips: 33.5

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