T25 Workout – Week 10 (with pictures!)

Week 10 T25

Day 46: Ript Circuit
Not bad at all today! The last couple weeks of the Alpha Phase got “easy” and I was ready for the next phase. I thought I was too strong, haha! That’s kind of happening again…at least for today. 🙂

Day 47: Core Cardio
HATING LIFE THIS WEEK (what a dramatic change from yesterday…) – I am exhausted and totally not feeling any of these workouts. I really am getting bored and unmotivated because my body still isn’t “perfect”. I did cardio today but kind of slacked and half-assed it. Going straight to bed.

Day 48: Ript Circuit
I did really well with this today, I increased weights, pushed myself, and gave it all kinds of energy…reluctantly.

Day 49: Dynamic Core
I haven’t done a single morning workout this week like usual and its screwing me up, I think. I dread the workout the rest of the day and when I finally do it I am so damn tired! On another note, I have been feeling like this workout is way too easy lately… I did it, I pushed myself, I’m better…but again, I am ready for a new routine.

Day 50: Ript Circuit and Speed 2.0
This should be a super happy day for me because its the end of the Beta Phase but I’m still just not feeling it! Something funky has been going on this week…I’m not even excited for the Gamma Phase anymore which blows my mind. I should be ready for new routines and new changes to my body! That being said, I still love Speed 2.0 – it’s really hard to find motivation to start because it is a tough workout but once you’re in the zone..whooooo!!

Note that whether this was your hard week (like me) or it came at another time, the workouts are worth it. It is only 25 minutes. We all need motivation sometime and we need to remind ourselves of how far we have come. Thank goodness for our before/current/after photos! See mine below.

End Gamma Pics F
Before. End of Alpha. Current.
End Gamma Pics B
Before. End of Alpha. Current.
End Gamma Pics L
Before. End of Alpha. Current.
End Gamma Pics R
Before. End of Alpha. Current.


Weight: 143.6
Chest: 32.5
Waist: 26
Arm: 10.5
Thigh: 22
Buns: 38
Hips: 33.5

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