T25 Workout – Week 1

Week 1 T25

Yowza. I did it! And if you’re doing it with me then you did it too, hooray!
No seriously. Good for us. Shawn T is no joke – how do those Insanity people do it?

Day 1 – CARDIO
This was tough, I am not used to working out (unless you count carrying a 35+ pound weight around with you for months on end….) so I am not at all ashamed to say that I followed the modifier every now and again. I will also state that I sat down a couple of times and took a 30 second water break/”power rest.” Some might consider that cheating but I am honestly just pleased to say that I have officially started the workout. By the end I was definitely feeling the burn in these legs.

Day 2 – SPEED 1.0
**My calves are incredibly sore, I need to spend more time than Shawn T stretching out the backs of my legs.

This day was better than cardio day – in fact, the first half was kind of fin and he took “breaks” with his stretch and stability routines. The back half of this workout was a struggle – I took a couple of 30 second water breaks and had a hard time keeping up with the team during the “speed round.” Another note: at first, the punching parts seemed easy and I wanted to add weights but by the end I was so glad I didn’t – maybe another day!

Day 3 – I traveled.
**MY POOR CALVES. I can barely walk my body hurts so badly.

Day 4 – Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals, Cardio
**So, I traveled all day yesterday to visit my sister and that left me with no time to work in a work-out. BUT I am doing this program without excuses so I did three workouts this one day. Todays, yesterdays, and one of tomorrows – why not just kill myself?

Wow. I am so proud of myself to not have skipped a workout but this back to back stuff was no joke. I modified a good amount on the workouts using arm strength because I just have not built that muscle up enough to be doing the full versions. Some of the ab workouts were really tough too because my abdominal muscles are still pretty spread apart from pregnancy (weak puppies)! All I kept thinking today was “nothing can be worse than doing three Shawn T workouts in one day. Finish this and prove to yourself that you are extraordinary.” I finished these workouts with some extra calf/thigh stretches.

Day 5 – Lower Focus
**No sore muscles!!! Well, some of my oblique and arm muscles are tender but considering today is lower focus day I am pleased that my legs are in tip top shape!

My thighs were on fire with this one but I could physically see my muscles working and it encouraged me to envision what I may look like after this workout program is finished. I finished the week fatigued but guess what? I finished. I am so excited to be done with week one and even more excited for a break!

Weight: 149.7
Chest: 33.5
Waist: 28
Arm: 11.5
Thigh: 23.5
Booty: 40

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