Sensory Shaving Play

Shaving Cream

When exploring textures and your little one’s sense of touch, nothing is off-limits. Whether you have a toddler who is taste-curious, or one who is not – we can modify this sensory activity for you!

  • If your toddler will be tasting the cream, use: whip cream (this will melt faster)
  • If your toddler will not be taste-curious, use: shaving cream (this sustains its shape for at least an hour)

Simply squirt your shaving cream into a bucket to help contain it. I’d suggest using an old tub, their baby bath, etc. Or utilizing a space that will have easy clean-up like the outdoors or your bathtub.

Shaving Cream

Mix some food coloring in the sensory cream to create the color of your choice – we played with purple.

Hand your kiddo some kitchen spatulas, whisks, bowls, ice cream scoops, lids, cups, etc. Anything that they can use to mix or transfer their cream!

Just let them go to town and play but be sure to keep an eye on them, especially if they are using something that they shouldn’t be tasting! Prepare to hose them off or give them a bath once this activity is done as it is a BLAST, but messy!

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