Rainbow Cups

We used clear cups and permanent markers to make a toddler approved game that G couldn’t let go of. Check out our easy DIY Rainbow Cups tutorial below:

Rainbow Cups


Start with whichever color you want to be the top cup – we used purple – and draw an arch on the inside. Once dry, lay the next cup inside your first cup and draw your second arch – in this case, a larger blue one. Continue this process until you get to the other side of the rainbow.

We went back and used the same process to write the color names on the other side of our cups. Keep all your ink inside so your child’s little hands don’t smear or rub off the ink when they play!

Rainbow Cups

G had a blast stacking these and unstacking these. We practiced putting them in order and lining up our arches!

I made a second set that used stripes instead of arches to make it easier to stack.

What are some other cup activities you do with your toddler? Have you modified this to make it your own? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow us on pinterest for more great activities. Happy stacking!

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