Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

My toddler loves anything that he can shake and I love to throw together easy little activities to keep his playtime fresh and exciting! This pot of gold sensory activity is easy peasy and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Pot of GoldWhat You’ll Need:

  • Clear plastic jar with lid
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon or fabric scraps
  • Gold pom poms

How To:

Start by filling up your jar with your gold “coin” pom poms and screw on the lid. Then, glue all of your ribbons to the top of the lid. I was careful NOT to glue my lid closed this time to allow G to pull the pom poms in and out of the jar if he wanted to.

Pot of Gold

Still being careful not to glue the lid closed, fluff up some cotton balls and glue them around the rim of the lid. Some of mine looked better glued to the top of the jar as well so feel free to get creative!

Pot of Gold

Kids love to play with the tassels, swish them around, and discuss the colors. My toddler also loved to rattle the gold inside…even though it didn’t make much noise – yay for us parents!

We obviously filled our container with pom poms but little gold coins, bottle caps, and candies are some other great alternatives.

Pot of Gold

P.S. This is a great little handheld jar to give your newborn as well! It’s light, it has lots of textures, colors, and can make some new sounds.

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