Pasta Noodle Sensory Bucket

Noodle Bin

There are lots of sensory buckets out there for your little one. Some require you to dye rice, some are buckets of sand, some are very messy – but none of them were quite what I was looking for. I wanted a sensory bucket that was fairly easy to clean up and that took me less than a minute to put together. That’s when I turned to pasta noodles.

I wanted to have a sensory bucket that was filled with different textures, shapes, and sizes…so I purchased small shell noodles, jumbo shell noodles, alfredo noodles, and spiral pasta. I threw them all into a pail that I got in the Target dollar section (dollar tree has great bins, too!) and let G have his way with it. I gave him some scoopers (like a spray paint lid and a child’s plastic bowl), a rubber coated whisk, and some jars/bottles to put noodles in (he particularly liked coffee-creamer bottles that had small openings in their lids).

Orange Week - Noodle Bin

Two Points of Advice:

  1. I would recommend always supervising your child with something like this as the noodles are small enough that little ones may be tempted to eat them. I know that’s ALL my son wanted to do at first until I showed him how to play with the noodles.
  2. Stay away from jumbo shells of any kind. For us, these broke really easily and became sharp. The smaller noodles were 1,000 times better and stood up to all of the handling.

Bonus Tip:
Try hiding objects in the noodles! For each of our color weeks I hid small caps, ribbon, balls, etc.

What are some neat things you do with your sensory bins? Do you have themes or games to for you kiddos? Let us know by emailing us or commenting below!

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