Paper Plate Apple: Easiest. Craft. Ever.

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This is probably the easiest craft to do with your child and I can almost promise you have everything you need lying around the house. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity, though, the paper plate apple is adorable when finished!

What You Need:

  • Paper plate
  • Red tissue paper or construction paper
  • Green paper for the leaf
  • Brown paper or pipe cleaner for the stem
  • Stick glue (preferred), can substitute rubber cement or white glue

I let my little one tear all of the paper (he LOVES to do this with old newspapers/magazines so I knew this would be a hit) while I rubbed glue all over the front of the plate. I showed him how to throw the paper onto the plate and as he did this, I stuck the paper into the glue a little more securely. Obviously with older kids there isn’t a lot of assistance needed, but I did this with my 15-month-old who needed a helping hand. We cut out a leaf and stem, glued them on, and we were done!

Stem Alternative: If you don’t want to use brown paper for your apple stem, try using a brown pipe cleaner that you have folded in half. I would suggest either hot gluing this on or punching a hole to string it through. A bonus for this method is that the stem creates a loop to hang your apple with!

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