No-Sew Fabric Rings

No Sew Fabric Rings

In digging through some old things, I found a bunch of large plastic rings that my little one was instantly drawn to. He carried these bracelet-sized rings around the house for days, hanging them on things, putting objects through them, tucking them away, etc. Although G loved them the way they were, I was inspired to make them more interesting!

We all know that babies and toddlers love new textures so what better way to jazz these rings up than with fabric and ribbon? Think of it as a tag blanket…but more fun! I had TONS of old t-shirts that I was happy to cut up and repurpose, we have lots of ribbon at home, and of course I dug into my sewing scraps (see more suggestions below). Putting it together was as simple as this: Cut your fabric into different lengths and widths, tie the fabric to the ring, make some knots here and there, and wah-lah! You’re all done.

Don’t be discouraged from this project if you don’t have rings similar to what I used. You can adapt this project to fit on old bangle-bracelets, shower rings, book rings, hair ties – you name it! If you end up using a ring with an opening, I would suggest dabbing a bit of hot-glue over the clasp so that it stays closed. To prevent your little one from picking off the dried glue and ingesting it, just stick one of your fabric pieces on top of the wet glue. So simple.

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There are so many uses for these fabric rings:

  • Hang them on doorknobs – this encourages your child to stand and reach!
  • Put the rings on your arm while you grocery shop and let your little one play while you push the cart – no more dropped toys!
  • Use different colors, animal prints, and textures to help your child learn.
  • Give to your new baby – it’s so light and easy for them to hang on to!
  • Hang them from the ceiling to create a mobile

Having trouble with your textures? Try cutting up..

  • Old wash cloths
  • Lace doilies
  • Outdated vinyl tablecloth
  • Ropes/Twine
  • Holiday Ribbon
  • T-shirts
  • Non-slip rug pads
  • Batting
  • Old Scarves
  • Dusting Mitts (These can be purchased at dollar stores – I don’t recommend giving your kiddo an old one with toxic chemicals that they could ingest)
  • Hang a tassel from the ring

This idea came to me kind of out of the blue but has been a HUGE hit with G. Because they take up next to no room, I can keep one in my purse, the car, the diaper bag, etc. and pull it out when I need to occupy the little guy.

How have you adapted this project in your home? Let us know by commenting below!

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