Mother’s Day Paper Rose Bouquet

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Sure, moms love to get pampered with massages, jewelry, breakfast in bed, and so on. But is that really something your kids can help you buy/make? Nope! Here’s a little secret…moms love thoughtful (homemade) gifts just as much as the other stuff! In fact, anytime I get a personalized kid-craft it brightens my day knowing they are thinking about me. So with that in mind, we came up with an adorable paper rose bouquet that your kids can help you make – and is sure to give their mom the feels.

These paper roses are ADORABLE and don’t require a lot of skill or effort (So don’t be discouraged, dads! Even you can do this – haha ;)). All you need is:

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Optional:
    • Pipe Cleaner
    • A Stick
    • Styrofoam Ball
    • Floral Wire

I cut my paper into different sized squares so I would have a variety of rose sizes. Some of my paper squares were closer to rectangles and that’s okay – it really didn’t affect the end product.

Paper Roses

Free-hand cut a spiral out of your square, then start rolling the paper from the outside in.

Paper Roses

Dab some hot glue on the bottom of your rose where all of the spiraled paper edges meet and feel free to slip some in between the petals if you need some extra security.

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A couple of tips:

  • Make the width of your spiral larger with a larger square of paper (a thin spiral on a large square will give you lots and lots of “flower petals” that start to look unrealistic)
  • Group the processes together..Cut all of your squares, cut all of your spirals, curl all of your paper, glue all of your roses, etc. Your roses will kind of fall into place as you set them on the table but they won’t fall apart so by grouping your processes you will save some time!

Finishing Touches:

  • Glue your roses on a styrofoam floral ball to create a “wedding bouquet” (spray with a clear spray paint first to reduce foam melt)
  • Glue them randomly on a branch for a rustic/chic vibe
  • Pile them in a bowl with no stems and use as a centerpiece
  • Lay them around on the table with some candles to create a romantic confetti-like touch
  • Make stems from pipe-cleaners/floral wire and treat them like a real bunch of roses!

The best part about these is that they look adorable and can be stored to use again in the future. If they fade or need a little pick me up just spray the roses with some paint and they’ll be as good as new!

What do you have planned for Mom this Mother’s Day? Check out another great craft that takes your child’s finger painting and turns it into a sophisticated piece of art! Then, see how we celebrated the big day on our Instagram page.

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