Monster Bucket


Have an extra baby wipes container? I bet you do! Does your toddler enjoy playing with empty containers, putting objects in things, and carrying stuff around? I’m guessing you can answer yes to at least one of these. If so, this Monster Bucket is perfect craft for you!

The photo itself is pretty self-explanatory but I’ve included some instructions for making your own!

  1. Hot glue felt to the sides of your box, careful not to glue the lid closed
  2. Hot glue felt to the lid of your box, cutting a flap (not a hole) for the pop-up lid
  3. Hot glue the felt flap onto the pop-up lid, careful not to glue the hinges
  4. Glue on some googly eyes, DON’T hot glue them on if you still want the eyes to jiggle
  5. Add some teeth to your box and you’re done!

My toddler loves to carry this around and fill it up with random odds and ends. Sometimes he goes in through the pop-up lid, other times he likes to open the entire lid. We have filled our Monster Bucket with alphabet letters, fabrics, ribbon, milk caps, pom-poms, pipe-cleaners, and more. During our Training Toddlers: Color Week series, we filled our bucket with objects in one color. For example, during orange week I cut chunks of orange Fabric and stuffed them in the box. G loves to pull them out (like tissues) and shove them back in. The possibilities are endless and it looks adorable on your shelf!

What have you used your Monster Buckets for? Have you decorated your old baby-wipes boxes in other ways? Let us know by commenting or emailing us below!

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