Managing Your Time as a Member of the Slash Generation

My life is crazy. I mean, insanely hectic. I am a single SAHM, WAHM, I run a children’s blog, and I have just launched my career with Rodan + Fields. I am what the some would call a “slasher” and if I had to guess, you or someone you know is a slasher too.

What does that mean? Being a part of the slash generation means that you are someone who works a regular 9-5 slash has a second job. Sound familiar? Our generation truly doesn’t get all the credit we deserve – we often are referred to as lazy, selfish, and unmotivated. While some millennials may have those characteristics, a lot of us work our tails off to create a better future for ourselves – or in my case, for my little one.

Being a slasher can be super rewarding but also very overwhelming. There are a lot more deadlines, a lot more people to contact, a lot more social media outlets to keep up with, and then there’s caring for ourselves. How do we manage all of this without losing our minds? We plan. We take steps and write things down to keep ourselves accountable for our busy routines. It has taken me a while to find the perfect method for keeping my life on track but now that I’ve figured it out, I’m ready to share it with you.

Managing Your Time as a Member of the Slash Generation

  1. Planner. First things first, you need a good planner. Not just one that allows you to write a couple of things down each day but one that allows you to map out your week, make extra notes, and reflect on your goals/milestones. You can never have a planner with too much space. One of my absolute favorites is called the Inspired Year Planner. This adorable planner gives you exercises each quarter that encourage you to make goals, set milestones, reflect on your work/life balance, and throw a theme on the month ahead to keep you motivated. It asks you in-depth what your goals are and what actions you will take each week to make those goals happen. This was extremely important for me because while I have always been a goal setter, I didn’t always know how to make those goals happen. With the Inspired Year Planner I’m encouraged to not only look at the bigger picture and remind myself of where I’m going, but also to make mini-goals that help me achieve the bigger ones. I’ve always been the girl with the planner and this one has made my days so much easier to map out.Managing Your Time as a Member of the Slash GenerationManaging Your Time as a Member of the Slash Generation
  2. Color-Coding. With so much going on as a mom + member of the slash generation, color-coding has saved my life. It helps me take the long list of things I have to do and sort them out into smaller categories. I use blue for any activities, appointments, or school related things that involve my son. I use red for any deadlines that I have with my 9-5 job. I use green to help me with blog planning, blogger events, or important social media posts that need to get published. And I use orange for events, follow-ups, orders, meetings, etc. for Rodan + Fields. Then I literally go back in with a black pen and mark where I’m putting time in for myself. Being able to categorize with colors helps me remember what needs to get done and makes an otherwise crazy looking schedule appear organized and doable.
  3. Motivation. Something that I have always done upon getting a new planner is to write motivational quotes in the margins. It may sound like a waste of time but it reminds me each week that I need to focus on the bigger picture, think of myself in positive ways, and avoid being discouraged. The Inspired Year Planner (yep, I’m back to this – can you tell I’m in love?) already has motivational phrases and quotes on every single page. Not only has that saved me a ton of time but it also keeps me in check and you guessed it – motivated.Managing Your Time as a Member of the Slash Generation  
  4. Time for you. My final tip in planning and managing your life is to set aside time for you. As a mom, I’m always giving my time and energy to someone else. Add on the fact that I have THREE jobs and you’ll realize that it’s super easy to get swept up in stuff to do – and forget about myself. Some people take 15 minutes to meditate each morning, some keep a journal of their thoughts, some wake up each day and recite positive affirmations. For me? I’ve found that a 30 minute workout – whether it be chasing my child in the yard, going for a walk, or kicking ass at the gym gives me a refreshing boost and helps to me to stay active. Secondly, I’ve found it to be very helpful to disconnect from all electronics for 30 minutes each day. This is something I’m sure you’ve heard before, but taking myself away from work, social media, television, the radio, etc. really allows me to reflect on how my life is going and how I can better prepare for tomorrow. At first, it’s super tempting to check your cell phone or throw on some music but I encourage you to truly soak in the silence and find yourself again each night. By scheduling time for yourself, you will stay accountable – do not forget this step – you are just as important as that deadline on Friday.Managing Your Time as a Member of the Slash Generation

To leave you with a little motivation for planning your year, I will pass along one of my favorite quotes from Rumi – “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” We are coined the slash generation because we aren’t afraid to take those extra leaps in making a life we’re content with. We push ourselves in work so we can have those days to play. I hope that these tips will make your goal setting and planning easier to manage so that you can have more freedom and truly love every moment of your life.

Inspire and be inspired.


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