Lucky Gold Hunt

Lucky Gold Hunt

If you’ve been following us you know we love a good sensory activity. You can really make anything into a sensory activity if you’re willing to get a little messy but it’s totally worth it because kids go WILD for these things! In honor of St Patrick’s Day we are going on a gold hunt through cereal.

This couldn’t be any easier to set up.. here’s the how to:

Find an empty bucket with low edges and fill it with Lucky Charms cerealSt Patricks Day Gold Hunt

Toss in some chocolate gold coins or yellow bottle caps if coins aren’t handy – we like to use Medela bottle lids and yellow applesauce caps from the squeeze pouch snack containers

Digging for Gold: A Sensory Activity

Mix it all together and give your little one some tools, buckets, etc. to start his/her dig!

The BEST part about this sensory activity is that your kiddo can eat the cereal so you don’t have to be watching him or her that closely. Who doesn’t love a Lucky Charm marshmallow?

St Patricks Day Gold Hunt

I hope you little ones enjoy this activity as much as mine did! Have a great holiday!

St Patricks Day Gold Hunt

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