Leprechaun Hat Garland

Leprechaun Hat BannerYou are about to make the cheapest little leprechaun hat banner. It is easy enough a child could make it, yet cute enough it is sure to wow your party guests!

Leprechaun Hat Banner

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper in green, black, and yellow
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon

Start by cutting out a few rectangles that you can wrap into a tube – so shoot for something about the size of a toilet paper roll. Hot glue together at the seams – you don’t need much glue here, just enough to secure it.

Cut out a few black strips of paper that are long enough to wrap around your tubes. Each one should be about the width of your index finger.

Leprechaun Hat Banner

Then cut out a few circles that have a diameter a little larger than your original tube. These circles will become the brim of your hats.

Leprechaun Hat Banner

Almost there! Create a few yellow squares that have a hollow area in the center. These will become the buckle to your hat so proportion them to fit nicely around the black strips you just created.

Leprechaun Hat Banner

Finally, hot glue all of your pieces together and string on a ribbon! Be mindful of your paper seams and try to place them all in the back. You can punch holes in the top for ribbon threading, or, cut another small strip of green paper to glue to the top of your hat (arch from the front to the back of the top of your tube) for ribbon threading.

Leprechaun Hat Banner

Note: If you don’t feel like hanging these up, set them around on your mantle or table for a little party pizzazz!

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