Lego Block Faces

Have you ever seen the spine of Cosmopolitan magazine? Each month a new slice of a man appears and after you have a year’s worth of issues, you see that these random body parts make up one delicious man. This game is kind of like that – a puzzle of sorts, but for toddlers.

Lego Faces

During our face and body week we learned a lot about where features are on well…our bodies and faces…but this game is a great way to help your child “build” their own bodies! We have two ways to do it: one with your child’s image and one with craft items from around the house – both are sure to please!

What You Need:

  • Hot glue
  • Large Legos or Mega Bloks
  • A photo of your kiddo that can be sliced horizontally into specific body parts or facial features
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Paper
  • Googly Eyes

Lego FacesHow To – Photo:

  1. Cut your image so that each feature fits the width and height of one big block
  2. Hot glue each image to a block – this way they will stack together to create a face or body

Lego FacesHow To – Crafts:

  1. Hot glue googly eyes onto one Lego – be sure to glue and immediately flip your Lego so your eyes are on the bottom (away from the glue) and your Lego is on top – this will allow the googly pupils to still shake without being glued down.
  2. Hot glue a pipe cleaner in the shape of a nose (or a pom-pom if you prefer) to the second Lego
  3. Hot glue a mouth to your third Lego – I made mine from crimped paper to add some extra texture!

Lego Faces

There you have it! A few ways to teach your child the placement of body and facial parts… We’ll let them play with that and us moms will continue to swoon over the spines of Cosmo. 😉

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