Kids Art Coasters

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.. are you still stuck for a gift? Let us make it easy on you by transforming your child’s artwork into a useful present! Moms love the sentimental value of a child’s first painting and if they’re anything like me, they love a glass of wine too. Combine both things to create these eye-catching Kids Art Coasters that will have mom swooning and your friends feeling envious.

Kids Art Coasters

What You’ll Need:

  • A stick of glue
  • Epoxy
  • Foam brush
  • 4″x4″ non-porous white coasters
  • Some finger paintings from your child’s art room
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Little rubber corner pads

Start off by finding a place on your child’s art that you find interesting and measure a perfect square that’s 4″ by 4″. Using your ruler or tile as a straight edge, cut the paper square out with your exacto knife. I recommend cutting outside of your line so that if your knife slips it doesn’t ruin the chunk of artwork that you are trying to preserve.

Then use your stick glue to securely attach your artwork to your tile. I ran glue around all four edges and then did an X through the middle.

Kids Art Coasters

Once you’ve secured the paintings to your tiles with glue, mix your epoxy together in a throw away container. This step is very important. If your epoxy isn’t mixed thoroughly your tiles will not dry and they will be unusable. Using your sponge brush, evenly cover your coasters with the epoxy making sure that you get the edges.

Kids Art Coasters

Let dry. My epoxy label said that it would dry in 24 hours so I set them on the counter and went back for them the next night. If you want to add an additional coat of epoxy you certainly can, just make sure that the first layer is 100% dry.

When the coasters are dry, stick rubber pads to the bottoms of them to stop them from scratching your surfaces. To make them super secure, feel free to hot glue them on!

Kids Art Coasters

After that final step is complete you are free to use your brand new coasters as you wish! If you ever get tired of using them as coasters, try and discover a new use for them. We like the idea of grid art on the wall, tiles on a serving tray, or candle placemats!

Kids Art Coasters

How else have you transformed your child’s artwork? Check out our wall art transformation here and then be sure to follow us on Pinterest for lots of other DIY crafts for you and your kiddos to do!

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  1. I just bought non-porous tiles from my local hardware store and then used the steps in the tutorial to put my child’s artwork on them! 🙂

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