Irish Hats

Irish Hats

Looking to get your kiddos excited about St. Patrick’s Day? Have the breakfast table greet them with a lucky charm filled irish hat! This cute little hat is pretty easy for those of you on a time crunch…plus, these aren’t just limited to breakfast. They’re adorable when filled with little candies for party guests or the classroom!

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper in green, black, and yellow
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Clear plastic cups

Start by cutting out some finger width black strips of paper. You’ll want this to wrap around the widest part of your cup – in my case it worked best to cut my construction paper into strips the long way.

Irish Hats

Next, cut out a few yellow squares that have a hollow area in the center. These will become the buckle to your hat so proportion them to fit nicely around the black strips you just created.

Then, cut a few circles that have a diameter a little larger than the widest part of your plastic cup. These circles will become the brim of your hats.

Finally, hot glue all of the components together!
When making the black belt of your hat, I found it easiest to measure and glue the loop before slipping it onto the cup. Then, I just used a couple dabs of glue to secure. This worked best as my cup was not a perfect tube shape and the paper didn’t lay flat to the cup.

Irish Hats

If you plan to fill your cups with candy, be sure and complete this step before gluing on the brim. Your guests can then rip or poke the paper to get to the treats!

Set these at each place setting on your table, around on your mantle, or pass them out in the classroom and enjoy!

Irish Hats

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