Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas: Easy. Cheap. Awesome.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. I mean, RIGHT around the corner. If you’re a procrastinator like me, you may be looking for some last-minute gift ideas to make for Grandma, Mom, your girlfriend, or another special person in your life. Lucky for you, I scrambled to come up with a few of my own last-minute crafts to take our Valentine’s from zero to one-hundred (as they say) and threw them together in a post.

Valentines 2016

Most of the project ideas on our list can be made from things you have lying around the house and are SOO easy! They can be adapted to fit other special occasions (like Mother’s Day or a birthday) just by a few color swaps or wording changes. Get creative!

Valentines 2016
Rattle Painting

I am a huge fan of mess-free painting. During our Teaching Toddlers series we filled many bags with paint and squished them around, mixed them together, etc. This got me thinking of other ways we could paint without getting messy and because my little man is GREAT at shaking things, it sparked an idea for rattle painting. We’ve got TONS of old containers lying around, lots of paint, paper, tape, plenty of coffee beans/noodles, and a head full of ideas. You’ve got these things too? Great! Just gather them and follow along with these instructions:

Cut a white sheet of paper into equal quadrants and tape your letters/message onto them. Stuff each one in their own jar (or do one at a time in the same jar), add a handful of dry beans, some squirts of paint, screw the top on and shake! I told you it was easy.

A couple of tips: 

  • Too many beans will tear your paper after shaking, too few will not give you the paint coverage you are looking for. Try between 10 and 15 beans per container.
  • The bottom of your paper will get the most paint and can become really soggy and brittle with too much shaking or too much paint. Try a scrap of test paper to see what the right combination is for you!

Valentines 2016

Paper Roses
Who wants to spend $100+ on a bouquet of roses that only last for a few days? Not I… These paper roses are ADORABLE and don’t require a lot of skill or effort. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and hot glue.

I cut my paper into different sized squares so I would have a variety of rose sizes. Some of my paper squares were closer to rectangles and that’s okay – it really didn’t affect the end product. Free-hand cut a spiral out of your square, then start rolling the paper from the outside in. Dab some hot glue on the bottom of your rose and feel free to slip some in between the petals if you need some extra security.

Finishing Touches: Glue your roses on a styrofoam floral ball to create a “wedding bouquet”, glue them randomly on a branch for a rustic/chic vibe, pile them in a bowl with no stems, lay them around on the table with some candles to create a centerpiece, or make stems with pipe-cleaners/floral wire and treat them like a real bunch of roses!

A couple of tips:

  • Make the width of your spiral larger with a larger square of paper (a thin spiral on a large square will give you lots and lots of “flower petals” that start to look unrealistic)
  • Group the processes together..Cut all of your squares, cut all of your spirals, curl all of your paper, glue all of your roses, etc. Your roses will kind of fall into place as you set them on the table but they won’t fall apart so by grouping your processes you will save some time!

Valentines 2016

Handprint Card
This simple keepsake documents your child’s growth (well, hand-size) and sends a sweet message to their loved ones! Just trace someone’s hand print, fold a piece of paper accordion-style, and glue it all together. Then write your loved one a sweet note. One of our favorite examples involves two hearts instead of two hands and says, “My love for you… grows stronger each day!”

Valentines 2016

Valentine Placemats
Just tear some placemat sized pieces of finger-paint paper off of the reel, grab an old toilet paper tube and shape it into a heart (it only takes a couple of creases!), dip the end of the tube in paint and let your little one start dabbing away! Once the paper dries, start setting your table! It really is that simple.

How are you celebrating Valentines? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out some of our St Patty’s Day ideas here! It’s never too early to prep for the holidays!

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