Flower Pot Makeover

While at the dollar store one night I came across a bucket of fake succulents that were pretty real looking. I had actually been thinking about starting my own living-succulents for a while but being that I am a busy woman, it just didn’t seem like the right time to pick up a new hobby. So when I saw these care-free gems I had to get them. The only problem? They came in these awful plastic pots – white, black, brown…not pretty. I didn’t want to spend the time or money trying to find a replacement so instead I got some rope and started doing my favorite thing – DIYing.

Flower Pot Makeover

They. Turned. Out. Beautifully.

You can take these steps and apply them to any pot or vase that you have around home. All you need is a little rope and some hot glue!

Start by gluing your rope to the bottom of your flower-pot, working your way up to the top. The goal is to hide the starting and end points as best you can. They should actually end up falling on the same side of your pot which is great if they need to be placed towards the back of your display.

Flower Pot Makeover

Once you make it to the top of your pot you want to be sure that the edges are covered well so that someone standing over your succulent will see a nice finished edge. If there’s a spot that needs covering but the side of your pot isn’t showing enough to put glue on it, just glue your ropes together.

Flower Pot Makeover

Once you get to a good stopping point, cut the end of your rope and finish it off by gluing it down. For some of my ends I untwisted the rope slightly and put each strand where I wanted it just to make a more blended edge.

That’s it! The makeover on your pots won’t take any time, it’s a cheap alternative to buying brand new pots, and it will look great with ANY decor.

Flower Pot Makeover

What have you done to make your rope pots more unique? Did you dye the bottom half white or splatter gold on the rope? Let us know in the comments below!

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