Flour Sketching

Flour Sketching

What kid doesn’t love to make a mess? In this activity, your little one will get to draw/write in a pile of flour while revealing colors or images below. It can be done spur of the moment from basic kitchen items and it won’t cost you a dime! We have ways to make it more challenging for older kids as well so no matter what age I promise they’ll have a blast.

What You’ll Need:

  • A tray – like a cookie sheet or a shallow cardboard flat
  • Colored paper or a picture
  • Flour (or sugar or salt)

Rainbow Flour Writing

How To Play:

  • Tape your paper to the inside of your tray…and tape it well. In honor of rainbow week, I used chunks of paper that reflected the colors in a rainbow!
  • Sprinkle enough flour on top of your paper in the tray to cover what’s beneath.
  • Give your kiddo free reign to draw or write with their fingers, spatulas, sponges, or brushes! They will have a great time pushing the flour around, revealing the paper below, and getting a little messy! Just be sure to have your vacuum ready. 🙂

To Make it Harder:

  • Try giving your toddler a letter or number and asking them to write it.
  • Ask them to draw an animal, a flower, or some other simple object.
  • Have them write their name.
  • Ask them to write the answer to 2+3 (or subtract, divide, multiply).
  • Play hangman.
  • Draw shapes.
  • Draw faces that express moods.

And that’s that! In no time and with no effort you have entertained your little one with an activity that should keep their interest for quite some time.
Flour Sketching

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