Fine Motor Bottle Drop

Fine Motor Bottle Drop

Around the age of one your kiddo starts to become very interested in their fine motor skills. One day they can hardly focus enough to pick up a block, the next day they are picking up something as small as a straw. Time really does fly. This activity will challenge your toddler to keep improving those skills by placing small objects through small holes – and the best part? It will cost you pennies.

You’ll need a container with a fairly small opening and some small objects for sorting. Try the following or mix and match your own!:

  1. A baby bottle (with the nipple ring but no nipple) and some XL pom-poms
  2. A protein shaker with a drink spout and some pipe cleaners
  3. A water bottle with no lid and some straws
  4. A creamer container with a pour spout and some pasta noodles
  5. A creamer container with a pour spout and some pom-poms
  6. An old applesauce jar with some straws
  7. A baby food jar with some cut-in-half straws (be cautious when using a glass jar)

Just give the container to your little one, show them how to put the object through the opening, and walk away. They will love this and will find so many things to do with it!

Fine Motor Bottle Drop

Have them shake it and discover a different sound for each container + object combination, have them shake it so hard that the pom-poms fly everywhere (kids think this is hilarious), or pack it in your diaper-bag and have an easy to grab activity for when you’re on the go. As your little one gets older, give them multiple containers and have them sort colors, shapes, and/or sizes through the small openings..the possibilities are endless!

In what ways have you used your pom-pom bottle drop? Do you have any special activities that your toddler likes to play? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below! As always, don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and follow us on instagram:DIYandDinosaurs for action shots of our favorite projects and activities!

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