Felt Board: A Playful Tool for Teaching

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This is probably one of my favorite activities to do with my son and he loves it just as much! I get to craft and create all kinds of little items, he gets to play with the board (put things on/pull things off – such a simple stage of life, right?!), and together we get to learn about new shapes, colors, objects – you name it!

Because we are doing new felt projects weekly, we will be updating this frequently! Please check back in for more ideas and inspiration!

To make the board itself, I just hot glued a sheet of white felt to an old canvas (wrap it around to the back and only glue the edges, cut away excess felt). You can buy large sheets of felt from your local craft store – they are in packages near the standard-sized sheets of felt, or, you can have your fabric store cut you some. I hung my finished board low on the wall so that G could play with it when he wanted.

I then purchased a variety of felt colors to use when making my objects. I thought about simple items to start: animals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, weather, cars/trucks, etc. Definitely make sure you have enough black and white – I didn’t realize how much of these two colors I would be using!

Initially, I made as many things as I could think of that would be simple to teach G. Honestly, I could only come up with a few food items, the weather, and clothing items at first. Ha! But, as I began to incorporate this felt board into my weekly color lessons, the ideas rolled in. For a full list of items I created with each color, please visit the pages below:

Red Week

Red Week - Felt

Orange Week

Orange Week - Felt Board

Yellow Week

Yellow Week - Felt

Green Week

Green Week - Felt Board

Blue Week

Teaching Toddlers: Blue Week

Purple Week

Purple Felt

Rainbow Week

Teaching Toddlers: Rainbow Week (for Kiddos 15+ Months) diyanddinosaurs.com

Each morning, G and I would take the board off the wall and as he pulled something off, we would talk about it. Once all the pieces were removed, we would put them all back on – talking about them again. He loved to roll the felt between his fingers and point to things he saw. The idea that he had his own “wall art” at his fingertips just tickled him to death!

Additional ways to make felt fun:


Felt Board


Outfits for the weather

Felt Board


Felt Board

Felt Board


Felt Board

Felt Board

Felt Board


Felt Board


Felt Board

Farm scene

Town scene



Princess/Castle scene


Zoo scene




Note that any “thin” felt pieces like balloon strings, leaf stems, etc. can be pulled off by your kiddo pretty easily.

What felt projects have you done with your little one? Let us know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Felt Board: A Playful Tool for Teaching

  1. Thank you for the kind words! I just eyed every object I wanted to create from a clip art photo – feel free to use my felt pieces as an example for anything you’re making! 🙂

  2. Hi Lori! I just purchased some fabric glue and connected the pieces together. I’d recommend getting the fabric glue that is permanent so that your pieces stick for good but if you can’t find that you can absolutely use the kind that says it will wash out – it hold pretty well but just be warned that you may need to re-glue the pieces after some use/play. Michaels Craft Store has a couple of good ones that are about $4 each – Aleene’s Permanent Fabric Glue or Aleene’s No Sew Fabric Glue are my best suggestions! Have fun crafting!

  3. When making the individual pieces of felt, for instance Santa Claus, how did you attach the details to him? Sew? Glue?

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