DIY Target® Wreath for under $10

What do I love more than an easy DIY that costs me half the price of that store-bought item? Practically nothing. I’ve taken the guesswork out of your front-door-decor with this adorable knock off DIY Target® Wreath…and I did it for under $10.

DIY Target Wreath for under $10


What you’ll need:

From the dollar store:

  • A floral wreath frame, about 16 inches
  • Large hair beads (the ones I used came attached to hair elastics)
  • Smaller hair beads or crafting beads, optional
  • Floral moss, 2 bags
  • Rope, twine, or jute

Other supplies:

  • Copper wire
  • Spray paint in silver and gold
  • Gold craft wire
  • Hot glue gun and glue

DIY Target Wreath for under $10


Step 1:
Pull apart one bag of moss so that it looks fluffy rather than packed. Your moss will probably have a little dust or dirt on it so I recommend doing this over a bowl or on a white surface for easy cleanup.


Step 2:
Start with a one square inch section of your wreath frame and add hot glue. Then, carefully  press down some moss to cover it. As you get a little faster you can do larger surfaces at a time but be careful not to burn yourself or leave hot glue strings. I found it easiest to do the front first, followed by each of the sides, and then the back side if you choose to fully cover that as well.

DIY Target Wreath for under $10


Step 3:
After you have completed the mossing, gently tap your wreath outside or over a trash can to get rid of the excess moss. If this process leaves uncovered spaces, now is the time to go back and fill those in.

DIY Target Wreath for under $10


Step 4:
Next, take your large hair beads and string them on a rope. You’ll hang this outside between two branches, trees, or poles so that you can evenly coat all sides of the bead with gold and silver spray paint. Be sure to hang it horizontally and space the beads out so that there are no edges touching. Spray from all angles.


Step 5:
Once your beads are dry, fish them onto your copper wire. You’ll bend one end of your wire at a 90 degree angle and secure it into the back of your foam wreath (it should stab right in and hold but for extra security you can add a dab of hot glue). Begin wrapping the wire evenly around your wreath, placing the beads where you’d like them as you go. Do not glue anything down in case you need to adjust the placement of the beads at the end. Once you have done this, secure your wire into the back of the wreath as you did when you began.

DIY Target Wreath for under $10


Step 6:
Take your gold craft wire and secure it the same way as the copper wire, then wrap it around the wreath randomly until you are happy with the pattern. Secure the end.

Play with your wreath and bead placement until you are happy with the look. If you are looking to imitate the Target look, note that their wreath had most of its beads placed along the inner and outer edges.

DIY Target Wreath for under $10

You are welcome to add smaller beads as well, however, I didn’t end up needing them for the look I was going for!


Step 7:
Wrap some jute or rope around the top a few times, leaving a loop and securing it well with hot glue.

DIY Target Wreath for under $10

Step 8:

DIY Target Wreath for under $10


And finally the big reveal – how do they compare? Target® sells theirs for $29.99 (see below) while ours was just under $10 and has proven to hold up really well in the midwest winter! This wreath isn’t just for the holiday season, it’s got great appeal for decorating your door year round. Add a little bundle of succulents or a large wooden letter to make this a fail proof decoration.

From (2016 Christmas Collection)
Available on®


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DIY Target Wreath for under $10


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