Turn Your Plastic Easter Eggs into This

Easter is right around the corner and spring is already here! Now’s the time that we fill our homes with bunnies, spring flowers, and eggs. But why spend all that money on pre-decorated eggs when you can make dozens at home for less than $5.

DIY Robins Eggs

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DIY Robins Eggs

What You’ll Need:

  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Spray Paint – Light Blue
  • Gold, Grey, and Brown Acrylic Paint
  • Water
  • Paint Brush


Start by spray painting all of your eggs blue. You’ll have to do a few coats, letting the eggs dry and rotating them in between to cover them evenly. I actually used an old chocolates tray to set my eggs in (why I didn’t eat my candy from Valentine’s Day sooner is beyond me – haha)!  It was perfect in keeping them upright and still while spraying but if you don’t still have your chocolates tray you could always sit your eggs in bottle caps or on an old kitchen cooling rack.

DIY Robins Eggs

Once your eggs have been coated you’ll need to mix each one of your acrylic paints with a small amount of water. I made the brown mixture more transparent than my other two just to add some variety and “imperfections”. Then, just rub your thumb along the bristles to start splattering on the spots. I would recommend testing your splatter technique on paper first as I found it was difficult to get the perfect consistency during my first few rounds.

Keep a real robin’s egg in mind while doing this project – often the spots accumulate at one end of the egg and aren’t that heavy of an asset. I went a little overboard on a couple of mine which totally turned out fine in the end but my goal in making these was to be semi-realistic!

DIY Robins Eggs

Once all of your eggs are dry you’ll be ready to start decorating! Sprinkle them around your Easter table, fill a glass jar full of robin’s eggs, or use them to decorate your mantle. One of my favorite ways to decorate for Easter is by laying books along my dining room table and sprinkling eggs around as if they were just left there by mistake. Throw in some baby’s breath or an old egg carton and your guests will be in awe of your adorable (and easy) table setting!

DIY Robins Eggs

I love the idea of making something you’d spend lots of money for in a boutique at home. Not only will you save lots of your hard earned cash but you’ll have a one of a kind product that will impress your guests. Adorable. Easy. Cheap. A DIYer’s dream combination…accomplished.

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