Counting Spots with Cheerios (Printable!)

This super easy activity is a great way to teach your little one about giraffes, counting, shapes, and more. Plus, when they’re finished, the activity becomes a snack! What mom doesn’t like a good old-fashioned two-for? Help us put the spots back on our giraffes with Cheerios then settle in for a little treat! Here’s the how to for Counting Spots with Cheerios:

Counting Spots with Cheerios

You’ll Need:

  • Cheerios
  • Our giraffe printable


If you haven’t already guessed, the steps to this activity are really simple.

First, you will want to print out our free giraffe printable! If you don’t have access to a printer, feel free to draw a giraffe on some paper. Not the artsy type? No biggie! Find a giraffe coloring book page that you can trace – sans spots.

DIY and Dinosaurs FREE GIRAFFE Printable


Counting Spots with Cheerios

Next, you will want to place some dots on your giraffe’s body. These dots are markers for where your toddler should be aiming to place the Cheerios. If you want to practice number recognition, feel free to replace the dots with numbers 1-10! If you don’t want to draw on spots of any kind, test your child on their body part recognition! Can they place treats on the neck? toes? tummy? ears? We had a really good time recapping the body parts from our Teaching Toddlers lesson.

Counting Spots with Cheerios

Finally, you will hand your child a bundle of Cheerios and work together to place them on your giraffe in the correct place. My little man was extremely eager to eat his snack before the game started but we talked it out and he ended up having a blast! If anything, the waiting-to-eat thing will teach your little one a lesson in patience as well. 🙂

Once we were completely finished with the activity…and the eating, of course…we used the same giraffe for another activity! This time we used bubble wrap…check it out here.

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