Countdown to St Pattys Day!

countdown to st pattys day

Remember making those countdown chains in elementary school? Each day you removed a ring from the paper chain to count down to something exciting whether it be a holiday, the 100th day, or the last day of school. I remember loving these visual tools and they are so simple to do! Why not make one for St. Patty’s?

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper in all six colors of the rainbow
  • Glue – hot glue preferred
  • Cotton balls

We simply cut a strip from each of our six pieces of construction paper, maintaining a similar length and width for each. Then, we took our red strip, looped it into a circle and secured the seam with glue. Repeat this process with each color, making sure to loop through the color before it.


Once your chain has been made, fluff up some cotton balls and glue them to your final purple link. This will make the chain a little heavier but it takes it from plain and simple to totally Irish!

Countdown Chain

Start taking apart your chain six days out from the holiday. We removed from the top to the bottom and re-hung our chain each day on a little peg. This is backwards from the norm but it allows you to keep those clouds on the end of your rainbow all week! Plus, by removing red first, you are teaching your toddler the order of a rainbow. 🙂

Countdown Chain

If you want to take this craft to the next level, try hanging little pots of gold from the end of your cloud!

What other ways have you modified this craft to make it fun for your little one? Let us know in the comments below! Then, be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates on our latest crafts and activities. Especially this week, we have SEVENTEEN St. Patrick’s Day activities in the making! Instagram ♦ Facebook

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