Color Sorting Activity

Color Sorting Activity

In this easy color sorting activity I laid pieces of felt around the room and let my little one use the objects from his color jars to match the color blocks on the floor. It sounds too simple to be exciting but it was a really big hit! It’s a great way to encourage your little one to think about shades, color similarity, and sorting.

If you don’t have blocks of felt readily available, feel free to use colored t-shirts, baby blankets, dish towels, pillowcases, scarves, bowls – whatever!

To make this activity more challenging:

  1. Have your toddler lay their objects out in shapes – ie. an orange square, a purple triangle, a red circle.
  2. Count! Ask your child to lay out one red object, two orange objects, three yellow objects, etc.
  3. Have your kiddo lay out their colored objects in the shape of that color’s first letter. For example, an orange “O”, a green “G”, a purple “P”…

What variations do you have for this activity? Have you and your toddler come up with new ways to make it more challenging? Let us know in the comments below! Then follow us on pinterest to make sure you don’t miss out on any of our other awesome activities.

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