Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack

I’m super excited to share another guest post with you from my sister, Jackie! Jackie graduated with a degree in psychology and married a high school coach just a few years later. From there, she has moved from town to town and been one of the most supportive wives I’ve known. Her most recent move happened just a few days after giving birth to little girl when her husband accepted a position with the Chicago Bulls. Umm, wife of the year? This first-time mommy loves to DIY, run, garden, and spend as much time as possible with her adorable little angel. Let’s dive into her post on Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack.

As a first-time mother to an 8 month old baby, I’m always trying to find a way to incorporate “adult” food into our hectic routine. Lunches and dinners are easy enough, but sitting down to breakfast in the morning doesn’t always seem very realistic. So I wondered to myself, What can I give the baby that…

  1. Isn’t very sticky/messy
  2. Isn’t a choking hazard
  3. Is easy to eat on-the-go


Cheerios To Go: A Mess Free Snack

But how can I regulate how many she gets so that a handful doesn’t end up in her mouth (or in the bottom of her car seat) all at once? And how do I do this without buying some special “contraption”?

The solution I opted for is SO easy and only takes about one minute to throw together each day!

Do you remember those candy necklaces that we swooned over in our middle school days? Well, that’s the same basic principle, except we are using whole-grain Cheerios (or dissolving puffs if you prefer) instead of candy, a shoestring instead of elastic, and tying it around the car seat handle instead of wearing as a necklace. This is great for a snack in the car, while shopping, on a walk, etc.

Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack

What you need:

  • Shoestring, fabric ribbon, etc.
  • Small handful of Cheerios, cold pasta noodles, or dissolvable puffs

How to:

String up the Cheerios.

Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack

Secure the shoestring/ribbon to your car seat handle with enough lag so that baby can pull string to their mouth, but not so much that they could get it over their head.

Keep the dogs away from the car seat! Haha!

Let baby munch away, all while working on their fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and eating skills.

Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack

A Special Note: Be sure to use a thick thread, shoestring, fabric strip, etc. that won’t break or be swallowed by baby. And as a reminder: never leave your child unattended while eating..even the best eater could choke at anytime!

Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack

Cheerios To Go: A Mess Free Snack

Do you have any snack hacks that you would like to share? Show us your photos on our Facebook page or leave a comment in the section below!

2 thoughts on “Cheerios To-Go: A Mess Free Snack

  1. Hey Robin! All of our felt objects were free-handed so unfortunately we don’t have any patterns! Feel free to enlarge the images, print, and trace your own patterns…or google “black and white clip art + your object” – this is what I found most helpful when I was looking to be inspired for my felt cutouts. What you’re doing sounds great and if we can be of any assistance let us know!

  2. I work with special needs children. Of all ages. I would like to know how I could get the felt patterns to make them for the kids? With out spending a lot of money. I could make them and put them together. I didn’t know if you had patterns we could use?

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