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Hello ladies (and gents) I’m Abi!

I make my living as a graphic designer but outside of the 9-5 there is so much more to me. The rest of my days are spent as a young single mom to a wonderful baby boy. I love crafts, organization, a good ol’ fashioned deep-cleaning, and food. I’m writing a blog to better organize my mind and share what I know with other moms. So, if you’re looking for tips, tricks, and easy projects, I’m your girl.

You can stop here and start exploring my pages, or, you can learn a little more about my journey to motherhood below – but I must warn you, my beginnings were no fairy tale.

For years, I was very vocal about my desire to stay child-less. People would always tell me that as I got older I would change my mind, I would someday want kids. I didn’t see it happening. I was too selfish and I had goals for myself that I did not envision succeeding at with a baby on my hip. It wasn’t until I had landed my first post-grad job, was absolutely in love with my then boyfriend, and reading a plus sign on a pregnancy test that my ideas for my future had changed.

Many things went through my mind…Could I afford it? Would I be a good mom? Was I mature enough? Would the father be supportive? Would I have to choose between being a mom and succeeding in my career? SO many questions popped into my head as I sobbed over the test results. As the days passed, I became more confident with our decision to keep the little one. I researched, I planned, I prepared. We were as set up for success as one could be in our position. As the weeks passed, my then boyfriend became less interested in a life with me and the baby. After a long period of sleepless nights and tired tearful eyes we decided to separate – he had the opportunity to run and run he did. As the final 6 months of pregnancy passed and I failed to hear from him, I realized that I was officially in this alone.

Did I resent him for leaving? Absolutely. Do I still? I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I could go on and on about how unfair it felt to be abandoned by the one you loved when you needed him the most. I was already terrified of becoming a mother – it wasn’t in my plan – but, I was prepared to take on the challenge as long as I had the man I loved beside me. When he left, that terror intensified and the only thing I could do to stay sane was to drown myself in motherhood/baby sites and books, then write about my feelings/findings.

As easy as it was to dwell, I had to remind myself that going through pregnancy, birth, and raising my little one alone would (and did) make me a stronger person and a better mom. I’ve chosen to channel my fears, my fails, and my successes into a public journal that I hope will inspire other moms and moms-to-be.

I will fill these pages with the formerly mentioned crafts, ideas, recipes, and more. But because my journey can still be tough for me to grasp, I will occasionally write journal entries on my struggles as a single mom. My hope is that other moms in similar situations can feel connected to someone who has walked in their shoes and confident that they have a supporter in me. After all…Moms. Are. Awesome.

Thank you for embracing the journey of motherhood with me. Enjoy!


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