5 Tips to Get Your Toddler Ready for School

5 Tips to Get Your Toddler Ready for School

Many children fear that going to school will have a negative impact on them. Many believe they won’t be able to make friends, get along with the teacher, or be an A student. These insecurities can be tamed down if the parents make time to get involved in the upbringing of the child. Talk to them about the importance of getting an education, meeting new people, and being independent. Reassure them that you’ll be there to pick them up daily, and that they can always turn to you if they need guidance, regardless of the circumstance. Here are 5 elementary tips that will help you prepare your toddler for the first day of school.

5 Tips to make your toddler ready for schooling
  1. Have a serious talk about good manners

Good manners are taught at a very early age. Make sure that your toddlers understand the importance of treating people with respect and kindness. Good behavior is important because it will keep your child out of trouble, and focused on the learning. In the last week before school starts, analyze his behavior and wellbeing. Are they stressed, worried, concerned that may not be liked? Open up a conversation and be honest about it.

  1. Talk about the schedule

Most kids are used to waking up at 10am in the morning. To fix their schedule and be able to wake them up at 7, you need to rework the schedule and sleeping hours. Begin with at least 3 weeks before school starts. It might be a good idea to keep their brain and body busy starting with 4 pm. Go out for a run, have fun together, read stories to make sure they’re ready for bed by 8pm.

  1. Visit the school and the teacher the week before school starts

For your child to feel comfortable at the new school, it might be a good idea to visit the place in advance. Plan a trip together to check out the classes and meet with the teacher. This way, he might become eager to engage in the activities and learn without feeling any pressure. Discuss the curriculum, and let them how that some of the courses are really fun and engaging; such as art class.

Don’t forget to check out the playground area. Modern schools are equipped with top-of-the-line playground for new toddlers to make them feel comfortable and eager to try out all of the activities involved.  

Visit the school and the teacher the week before school starts
  1. Talk about your toddler’s feelings of concern and anxiety

The first day of school can be stressful for most kids. Transitioning from kindergarten to primary school is a huge step. They’ll meet new students, new teachers, and a completely new environment that they’re not used to. Being concerned and anxious is normal. But you need to reassure them that everything will be ok.

A lot of kids are worried that they won’t be able to manage on their own. As a parent, you have to instill that sense of independence. You could start in the summer with small chores like cleaning the windows, cooking together, or doing any other type of house work that implies a certain amount of responsibility.

  1. Get ready for the night before school

At this point, you have 24 hours left before school starts. Have their backpack and jacket prepared and labeled on their name. Wake up together that morning and have breakfast. Assess their behavior, and do your best to praise all the activities they’ll be doing. Make them remember that they already know the school, and that their private tutor is a very nice person who will take good care of them.

Get ready for the night before school

Getting your toddler ready for the first day of school after a 3-month vacation is not an easy task. All kids are different, and while some are excited to meet new people, others may be terrified. Once again, sit down and have a conversation. If time allows, leave the house earlier to make sure you arrive on time. To ease the atmosphere, the first day of school is more like a gathering where parents and kids gather around to meet and chat. Make sure they understand that getting an education is what they should do to grow up strong, smart and independent.

5 Tips to Get Your Toddler Ready for School

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