4 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts That Even Your Toddler Could Do

So you want a gift for Mom but you’re running out of time? This list of last minute Mother’s Day gifts are unique, cheap, and easy – so easy that even your toddler could do it! Okay, okay…your toddler may need a little assistance with some of these gifts but they shouldn’t take too long and Mom will definitely love them.

4 DIY Mother's Day Gifts That Even Your Toddler Could Do

1. Art From the Heart:

Take an old (or new) finger painting and transform it into a picture of Mom’s favorite flower, a cutout of her last name, a big heart – whatever! After finding a finger painting to use, this gift will take about 30 minutes.

Turn Your Child's Finger Painting Into This

2. A Spot for Wine:

These adorable DIY coasters are something Mom will definitely use all the time. Pair with a bottle of her favorite wine or some DIY coffee mugs for the perfect gift. They take approximately 30 minutes to create and 1-2 days to dry.

Kids Art Coasters

3. The Cheapest (and BEST) Flowers Ever.

Not looking to spend a million dollars on some flowers that only last a few days? Us either. These paper roses are so crafty that we just CANNOT. EVEN. (!!!!) Approximate time: 1 hour.

4. Spruce Up Her Garden Pots

Mom’s love flowers. Customize her kitchen window herb pots with a little rope and a lot of KAPOW! Each pot takes approximately 20 minutes.

Flower Pot Makeover

With just a little time spent you’ve created a super personalized and unforgettable Mother’s Day! Combine all of these gifts for a blow-mom-out-of-the-park kind of a day and remember to pamper, pamper, pamper! How did we celebrate Mother’s Day? Find out here.

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