17 St Patricks Day Activities. SEVENTEEN.

17 St Patricks Day Activities. SEVENTEEN.

Whew! For St Patricks Day I announced that I would post 17 activities and crafts that were themed around the holiday. After a marathon of blog posts in a matter of four days I can safely say I will not be doing that again! It was SO much work but I think we came up with some really awesome things for you to do. Whether you’re decorating at home, playing with your toddler, or looking for a party favor to take to work – we’ve got you covered. Check it out!

  1. Digging for Gold, a Sensory ActivityDigging for Gold: A Sensory Activity
  2. Bottlecap ShamrocksPainting Shamrocks: 3 Ways
  3. Green Pepper ShamrocksSt. Pattys Day Food Art

  4. Leprechaun Hat GarlandLeprechaun Hat Banner
  5. Irish Party Favor HatsIrish Hats
  6. Shamrock StreamersShamrock Streamer
  7. Marshmallow CloversSt. Pattys Day Food Art
  8. Q-tip ShamrocksPainting Shamrocks: 3 Ways
  9. Wine Cork CloversPainting Shamrocks: 3 Ways
  10. Pom-Pom Wind ChimePom Pom Wind Chime

  11. Countdown Paper Chain for St Pattys DayIMG_3530
  12. Lucky Gold HuntSt Patricks Day Gold Hunt
  13. Apple ShamrocksSt. Pattys Day Food Art
  14. Green Glittery Sensory JarGreen Week
  15. Lucky Clover ArtLucky Clover Art
  16. Pot of GoldPot of Gold
  17. Green Bath Bombs – final DIY post coming TOMORROW!Bath Bombs

All of that in four days. Oh. My. Gosh. Hopefully this list will help you be more prepared than I was for the holiday that is St Patricks Day –  haha! Will I resent this day for the rest of my life? I’m ready for an ice-cold green beer. Cheers!

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